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No New Posts Welcoming Area!

Here's where everyone starts to get to know the members of SRGO.

Sub-board: Leaving

33 414 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:29:00 GMT -4
No New Posts News and Announcements

Staff will post SRGO related News and Announcements here.

28 227 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:29:43 GMT -4
No New Posts Elections

This is where staff will be decided!

16 308 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:30:23 GMT -4
No New Posts Support Board

Here you can ask any questions, give suggestions, or get help from one of our staff members.

13 106 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:31:02 GMT -4
No New Posts Advertisements

Advertise here.

Sub-boards: Other games, Role Playing Games, Big Brother Games, Mole/TAR/American Idol/Endurance Games, Vote for Me requests, Survivor Games, Original Game Ideas

277 382 Hogwarts throughout the Ages {LB}
by EllTore
Jan 9, 2020 8:57:55 GMT -4


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No New Posts General Discussion

Whatever is too important for Chat is to be discussed here.

Sub-board: Birthday Threads

61 458 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:32:21 GMT -4
No New Posts Chat

Spam, Discuss, talk about anything and everything you want here.

Sub-boards: Writing Workshop, Spam/random threads, Food, Holidays, Discussion, Sports, Music and Movies, Games, Books

88 779 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:33:09 GMT -4
No New Posts Television

Talk about television shows here.

Sub-boards: Comedy, Drama, Reality, Reality Spoilers, Soaps, Other

94 619 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:33:57 GMT -4
No New Posts Melting Pot

Come discuss the different cultures and countries of SRGO!

8 58 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:34:34 GMT -4
No New Posts Blogs

Post your personal blogs here.

14 181 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:35:16 GMT -4
No New Posts Debates

Debate with another board member here.

17 289 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:35:55 GMT -4
No New Posts Board-Games

Any member may host their own mini-game here.

15 446 Prestigious Escort Service
by JohnElite
Sept 3, 2011 2:36:31 GMT -4

Reality Games

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No New Posts Game Sign Ups

Sign Up for SRGO Reality Games Here.

18 320 Pirate Master 2 : Caspian Sea APPLICATIONS
by Deleted
Nov 17, 2009 0:30:58 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Eight: Pontine Islands

Sub-boards: Ponza, New Gavi, New Zannone, Gavi, Palmarola, Zannone, Challenge Beach, Tribal Council, Pre Jury, Jury, Stats, Treasure Cove, Crazy James (David Cook), Eaglzfan (Andy Roddick), Jason (Mrs. Butterworth), Jsacton (Peyton Manning), Kathleen (Taylor Swift), Michael (Ellen Degeneres), Youngbae (Tae Yang), Kdub2cool (Jackie Chan), Katie (Ayaka Nishiwaki), Pgcool (Kris Allen), Max (Linden Ashby), Super Kawaii (Beyonce), Johnny (Steve Wilkos), Alx13 (CM Punk), Agebroncos77 (Freddie Prinze Jr), Captain America (Michael Jackson), Hatsukisohma (Channing Tatum), Qrst13 (Sophia Bush), Host's Area

111 2,780 Immunity #12 "Post Wars"
by Taylor Swift (aka: kathleen)
Nov 19, 2009 16:12:24 GMT -4
No New Posts Big Brother Four: Mixed 'N Mashed

Sub-boards: The Poll Both, The Living Room, The Kitchen, The Backyard, Mike and Jason, Erick and Mr. Cups, cruizer911 and jsacton, katie and shallownage, Dandre and Skull Crusher, TLKforever and Tar23, The HOH Bedroom, Bedroom #1, Bedroom #2, Bedroom #3, Bedroom #4, The Loser Lounge, The Jury House, TLK's Diary Room, Michael's Diary Room, Skull Crusher's Diary Room, Eaglzfan, Jason's Diary Room, Erick's Diary Room, Mr. Cups's Diary Room, Tar23's Diary Room, Katie's Diary, Dandre-10th Place, Cruizer-12th Place, Jsacton-12th Place, Shallownage-13th Place, PGCool-14th Place, Migela- 16th Place, Pride- 16th Place, Host Archives

153 1,932 Veto 7 results
by Deleted
Nov 17, 2009 23:58:44 GMT -4
No New Posts Endurance One: Yosemite

Sub-boards: The Piece Poles, The Rocks, The Hut Steps, Announcement Area, The Playing Field, The Temple of Fate, The Host's Lounge, The Maroon Player: Kirkanthony, The Orange Player: Krisbliss, The Brown Player: Michael, The Grey Player: MichaelNsync, The Purple Player: Jory, The Lime Green Player: Latisha Banks, The Green Player: Alx13, The Yellow Player: M2Dat, The Blue Player: Kathleen, The Pink Player: Karie, The Teal Player: Skull Crusher, 12th Place: The Red Player: Squirtsdream

33 268 Final Misson: Final Part - Elements
by Skull Crusher
Nov 15, 2009 23:12:13 GMT -4
No New Posts The Amazing Race 3

Sub-boards: Leg #5 - Start / Route Info, Leg #5 - Detour, Leg #5 - Roadblock, Leg #5 - Pit Stop, Leg #5 - Fast Forward Pit Stop, Leg #4 - Start / Route Info, Leg #4 - Detour, Leg #4 - Roadblock, Leg #4 - Pit Stop, Leg #4 - Fast Forward Pit Stop, Leg #3 - Start / Route Info, Leg #3 - Roadblock, Leg #3 - Route Info #2, Leg #3 - Detour, Leg #3 - Pit Stop, Leg #3 - Fast Forward Pit Stop, Leg #2 - Start / Route Info, Leg #2 - Detour, Leg #2 - Route Info #2, Leg #2 - Roadblock, Leg #2 - Pit Stop, Leg #2 - Fast Forward Pit Stop, Leg #1 - Starting Line / Route Info, Leg #1 - Detour, Leg #1 - Roadblock, Leg #1 - Route Info #2, Leg #1 - Detour #2, Leg #1 - Pit Stop, Leg #1 - Fast Forward Pit Stop

36 276 Leg #5
by Crazy James
Nov 15, 2009 1:09:45 GMT -4
No New Posts Tournament of Torture Three: Rooms of Secret

Sub-boards: Day 7 and 8 Trivia Board, Crazy James' Game Board, Kathleen's Game Board, Jsacton's Game Board, Katie's Game Board, Ryouseiken's Game Board, Jason's Game Board, M2Dat's Game Board, Merged: The Red Team: Crazy James and Kathleen, Merged: The Green Team: Jsacton and Katie, Merged: The Yellow Team: Ryouseiken and Idan, Merged: The Orange Team: Jason and Brandon, The Blue Team: Jory (10th Place) and M2Dat (Merged), 12th Place: The Purple Team: Karie and Johnny, Secret Room #1, Secret Room #2, Secret Room #3, Secret Room #4

64 732 The Game Board
by Deleted
Nov 17, 2009 22:56:34 GMT -4

Games Center

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No New Posts Hosting Stuff and Game Rotation

Who are your hosts and what are the games coming up? Find out here.

1 1 Rotation
by ! Chad !
Jul 6, 2008 5:08:22 GMT -4
No New Posts All Stars

Check Who your current All Stars for games are!

2 33 All-Stars Discussion
by Pgcool
Oct 16, 2009 22:43:45 GMT -4
No New Posts Player Points Board

Where are you on this magnificent board?

3 136 Player Points Board
by ! Chad !
Nov 1, 2009 20:14:26 GMT -4
No New Posts Host Points Board

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Hall of Fame

Check the hall here to see SRGO's Most Famous ORGers!

13 99 Outstanding Players Discussion
by Pgcool
Nov 1, 2009 17:34:39 GMT -4
No New Posts Game Episodes

Some games will have episodes written for them, find them here.

1 22 Survivor 6: Siberia, The Bloodshed
by Pgcool
Oct 11, 2009 22:31:25 GMT -4

Game Archives

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No New Posts Old SRGO Games

Here's the archive of the old SRGO games.

Sub-board: Remembrance

7 57 Survivor 1
by ! Chad !
Aug 30, 2009 5:46:22 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Two : Tuvalu Islands

Winner: Frosti
Runner up: Raymond
3rd: Stuff

Sub-boards: Challenge Beach, Nanumanga Tribe, Nanumea Tribe, Nukufetau Tribe, Asau Tribe Camp, Fangaua Tribe Camp, Tanrake Tribe Camp, Tribal Council, Sequester Hut, Loser Island, Brit541541, Mookie Lee, Tlkforever, Aaron, Tayvi, Jake, Mariah, Raymond, Simplton, Rigel, Kathleen, Chad Two, Elizabeth, Masia One, Michael, Vicdemort, Stuff, Phuqoffndi, Frosti, Softball, Diary Tree's, Immunity Idol, Niulakita Island, Sign Ups

201 12,371 Stats
by ! Chad !
Aug 4, 2009 19:40:20 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Three : Cuba, Mysteries

Winner: PG
Runner up: Renny

Sub-boards: Sign Ups / Application, Havana Tribe, Almendares Tribe, Almendares Tribe, Cauto Tribe, Cauto Tribe, Almendares Tribal Councils, New Almendares Tribal Councils, Cauto Tribal Councils, New Cauto Tribal Councils, Tribal Council, Final Tribal Council, Challenge Beach, Jury House, Beep, Brit541541, Christian, Crazy James, Eliza, Elizabeth, Iceman, Kathleen, Mariah, Michael, Mvonneumann, Peih Gee, Renny, Rigel, Sebastian, Shadowz, Simplton, Skylar, Tyleror, Ufcaddict

189 4,281 Stats
by ! Chad !
Aug 31, 2009 23:46:35 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Four : Arabia, Nomadic Adventure

Winner: Mvonneumann
Runner up: Wowi
3rd: Crazy James

Sub-boards: Actr, Christian, Crazy James, Eliza, Gladys, Jason, Katie, Michael, Mvonneumann, Renny, Ryan, Scott, Shadowz, Softball, Wowi, Applications, Afghan Tribe, Iraqi Tribe, Jew Tribe, Hoonna, Challenge Beach, Tribal Council, Pre Jury, Jury, Finale

147 847 Stats
by ! Chad !
Sept 27, 2009 23:02:25 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Five : All Stars, Aleutian Islands

Winner: Jason
Runner up: Katie
3rd: Elizabeth

4 22 Stats
by ! Chad !
Sept 21, 2009 20:58:22 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Six : Siberia, The Bloodshed

9-9 (9-8)
Winner: Renny as Jennifer Aniston
Runner up: Frosti as Robert "T-bag" Knepper

Sub-boards: DOOR 1, DOOR 2, DOOR 3, Door 4, Final Door, Challenge Beach, Tribal Council, Grad Tribe, New Ljod, New Sneg, Ljod, Sneg, Jury Cemetery, The Bloodshed, Zac, Vanessa, T.I, Robert, Phil, Owen, Neil, Matt, Kelly, Josh, Jigsaw, Jennifer, Jason, Hugh, Emily, Bonnie, Beyonce, Anna, Prediction Writers

210 1,478 Stats
by ! Chad !
Sept 26, 2009 23:25:58 GMT -4
No New Posts Survivor Seven : Giza, Truth or Dare?

Winner: Wolflikeme as Lady Gaga
Runner Up: AJ as Conan O'Brien

Sub-boards: Jamal, New Tribe 1, New Tribe 2, New Tribe 3, New Tribe 4, Anubis, Bastet, Final Tribal Council, Challenge Plains, Tribal Council, Jury, Pre Jury, Stats, AJ (Conan O'Brien), Corvis (Billy Joel), Cruizer911 (Mike Myers), Eaglzfan (Christian Bale), Jason (Rod B.), Jigsaw (Jigsaw), Jsacton (Terry O'Quinn), Katie (Sarah Palin), Kdub2cool (Ozzy Lusth), Matv (Milo Ventimiglia), Michael (Britney Spears), Nash (Lex Vandenburg), Pgcool (Jason Mraz), Renny (Hillary Clinton), Wolflikeme (Lady Gaga), Wowi (Kevin Rudolf), Prediction Writers

154 2,242 Finale
by Wolflikeme
Sept 28, 2009 1:21:12 GMT -4
No New Posts Big Brother Two : Jury's Revenge

Winner: Softball
Runner up: Goltemis

Sub-boards: Softballs Confessional, Rigels Confessional, Tanks Confessional, Nikiyas Confessional, Aarons Confessional, Simpltons Confessional, Brit541541s Confessional, Michael's Confessional, Icemans Confessional, Vote4llama's Confessional, VGM's Confessional, Goltemis's Confessional, Raymonds Confessional, Jury Lounge, Backyard, Living Room, Sign Ups

99 702 FINALE
by Ninja Kim
Sept 15, 2008 22:24:28 GMT -4
No New Posts Big Brother Three : Seeing Double

Winner: Softball
Runner up: Michaelnsync

Sub-boards: FINALE, BIG BROTHER HOUSE, Jury House, Pre-Jury House, Actr's Confessional, Christian's Confessional, Come2meok's Confessional, Eliza's Confessional, Gladys' Confessional, Jason's Confessional, Kathleen's Confessional, Katie's Confessional, Michaelnsync's Confessional, Mvonneumann's Confessional, Ninja Kim's Confessional, Renny's Confessional, Scott's Confessional, Shadowz's Confessional, Skylar's Confessional, Softballs's Confessional, Wowi's Confessional, King Challenges, House #1, House #2, Competitions And Ceremonies, HOH Competition #3, Competition And Ceremonies, HOH Competition #3

148 2,803 WINNER!
by Big Sister (Softball)
Feb 23, 2009 15:49:23 GMT -4
No New Posts The Amazing Race Two : Disney To The Rescue

Winner: Michaelnsync as Nala
Runner up: Masia One as Pocahontas
3rd: Rigel as Prince Eric

Sub-boards: Flora's Confessional, Bambi's Confessional, Eric's Confessional, Esmeralda's Confessional, Fairy God Mother's Confessional, Hercules's Confessional, Nala's Confessional, Peter Pan's Confessional, Pocahontas's Confessional, Sebastion's Confessional, Tarzan's Confessional, Tinkerbell's Confessional, Ariel's Confessional, Storyboard, Clue One, Flights Board, Detour, Clue 2 -Saving Jasmine-, Clue 2 -Saving Sultan-, Roadblock, Pit Stop, Clue one, Clue two, Detour, Clue 3 -Hide-, Clue 3 -Seek-, Flight's Board, Roadblock, Clue One, Yield/ Flights, Clue Two, Roadblock, Clue Three, Detour, Roadblock, Clue one, Clue Two, Clue three, Flight's, Clue Four, Detour, Clue 1, Clue 2, Roadblock, Clue 3, Roadblock 2, Clue 4, Detour, Roadblock, Clue 1, Clue 2, Roadblock 2, Clue 3, Detour, Roadblock, Clue 1, Clue 2, Clue 3, Roadblock 2, Clue 4, Detour, Clue 1, Roadblock, Clue 2, Detour, Clue 3, Roadblock 2, Sign Ups

154 1,404 Week 8, Walts White Lie
by michaelnsync
Aug 31, 2008 4:30:38 GMT -4
No New Posts Mixed Reality Two

Winner: Christian
Runner up: Softball

Sub-boards: Route Info, Detour, Roadblock (After Detour A), Roadblock (After Detour B), Pit Stop, Board #1, Board #2, Board #3, Board #4, Challenge #8, SIGN UP HERE, FINALE, Crazy James Crazy Board!, Addypant's Confessional, Brit541541's Confessional, Christian's Confessional, Dani's Confessional, Drator's Confessional, Eliza's Confessional, Kassie's Confessional, Mariah's Confessional, Mau's Confessional, Michaelnsync's Confessional, Mvonneumann's Confessional, Ninja Kim's Confessional, Rigel's Confessional, Shadowz's Confessional, Skylar's Confessional, Softballs's Confessional, Tyleror's Confessional, Wowi's Confessional, Mixed Reality Arena, Mixed Eliminations, The Mixed Mansion, Pre-Jury Hut, Jury House

151 1,870 Finale Votes
by Big Sister (Softball)
Jan 17, 2009 0:46:44 GMT -4
No New Posts Mixed Reality Three: Amazon, Trust No One

Winner: Eaglzfan
Runner up: Jsacton

Sub-boards: Board Four, Board Three, Board Two, Board One, Game Board, Pre Jury, New Tupi, New Piraha, Big Brother House, Piraha, Tupi, Xingu, Chaman, Terena, Korubo, Baniwa, Prediction Writers, Eaglzfan's Diary, Jsacton's Diary, Lilytiger's Diary, michaelnsync's Diary, Monmon's (Josh) Diary, Pgcool's Diary, Raymond's Diary, Renny's Diary, Emily/Pink's Diary, Christian's Diary, Bryan's Diary, Erik's Diary, Kathleen's Diary, Jay's Diary, Wowi's Diary, Double L's Diary, Katie's Diary, Tlkforever's Diary, ChristianRC's Diary, Max's Diary, Dandre's Diary, Hole in the wall

128 1,143 Final Placings! -Finale-
by Deleted
Jun 28, 2009 13:25:33 GMT -4
No New Posts Mixed Reality Four : Somebody Knows

Winner: Frosti as 'Mayhem' (The Mole)
Runner Up: Michaelnsync

Sub-boards: Finale, The Reality Arena, The Mixed Eliminations, Jury House, Pre Jury House, Eaglzfan's Confessional, Jason's Confessional, Jsacton's Confessional, Mayhem's Confessional, Michaelnsync's Confessional, Pgcool's Confessional, Mvonneumann's Confessional, Skull Crusher's Confessional, Kdub2cool's Confessional, Nash's Confessional, Kathleen's Confessional, Splatt001's Confessional, Alex's Confessional, Johnny's Confessional, Jory's Confessional, Jenny's Confessional, The Host's Corner, The Judge's Corner

192 836 Huh whats goin on thread
by mvonneumann (Linden Ashbey)
Nov 4, 2009 20:39:51 GMT -4
No New Posts SRGO's Next Top Model Three

Winner: Shalom
Runner up: Miranda

Sub-board: Sign Ups

2 36 SRGO'a Next Top Model Sign Up's
by Big Brother (Christian)
Jan 17, 2009 17:14:30 GMT -4
No New Posts SRGO's Next Idol

Winner: Michaelnsync as David Archuleta
Runner up: Come2meok as Chris Brown
Third: Elizabeth

Sub-boards: Rehearsal, Shows, Result Shows, Sign Ups

22 102 Finale
by Crazy James
Oct 10, 2008 6:56:53 GMT -4
No New Posts SRGO's Next Idol Two

Winner: Bbwi as Alexandra Burke
Runner up: Calleighd69 as Pink
Third: Chad as Yulia Volkova

Sub-boards: Rehearsal's, Shows, Result Shows, Judge's Lounge, Kevin/Wowi's Confessional, Emily's/Pink's Confessional

57 421 Track Sheet
by Big Brother (Christian)
Jun 24, 2009 14:22:53 GMT -4
No New Posts Tournament of Torture

Winner: Renny
Runner Up: Eliza

Sub-boards: The Safe, Red Team, Green Team, Orange Team, Purple Team, Yellow Team, Pink Team, Maroon Team, Blue Team, Black Team, Teal Team

82 2,211 Finale
by Katie / Aya Nishiwaki
Aug 19, 2009 0:30:01 GMT -4
No New Posts Tournament of Torture Two

Winner: Crazy James
Runner Up: Latisha Banks

Sub-boards: Winner: Crazy James' Game Board, Runner Up: Latisha Banks' Game Board, 3rd Place: Skull Crusher's Game Board, 4th Place: Jason's Game Board, 5th Place: Kathleen's Game Board, 6th Place: Alx13's Game Board, 7th Place: Jory's Game Board, 8th Place:» qrst.x3's Game Board, 8th Place: Johnny's Game Board, MERGED The Red Team, MERGED The Green Team, MERGED The Orange Team, MERGED The Brown Team, 10th Place: The Blue Team, 12th Place: The Purple Team, 14th Place: The Yellow Team, 16th Place:The Grey Team

122 3,052 The Game Thread
by Pgcool
Oct 17, 2009 21:10:47 GMT -4
No New Posts Pirate Master

2-2 (2-1)
Winner: Eaglzfan
Runner Up: Monmon

Sub-boards: Pirate's Ship - "The Bold Adventure", Captain's Quarters, Challenge Island, Pirate's Court, Black Crew, Green Crew, Orange Crew, Ghost Ship, Come2meok's Confessional, Dandre's Confessional, Eaglzfan's Confessional, Jason's Confessional, Jay's Confessional, Jigsaw's Confessional, John Locke's Confessional, Josh Holloway's Confessional, Julie's Confessional, Michaelnsync's Confessional, ObamaGirl's Confessional, Skull Crusher's Confessional, Splatt's Confessional, Wowi's Confessional, Captain's Quarters Archive

by Crazy James
Sept 22, 2009 20:32:48 GMT -4
No New Posts The Apprentice

Winner: Calleighd69
Runner up: Eaglzfan

Sub-boards: Trump Tower, Challenge Meetings, The Boardroom, Team Protégé, Team Versacorp, Loser's Lounge

42 1,407 FINALE
by Crazy James
Sept 19, 2009 14:10:33 GMT -4
No New Posts I Survived A Japanese Gameshow

Winner: Jigsaw
Runner Up: Youngbae

Sub-boards: The Boys Bedroom, The Girls Bedroom, The Living Room, The Jury House, The Safe, Safety Challenges, Elimination Game, Challenge Planning, The New Green Monkeys, The New Blue Dragons, The New Yellow Penguins, The New Red Tigers, The Old Green Monkeys, The Old Red Tigers, Alex's Confessional, 10th Place: Bryan's Confessional, 12th Place: Dandre's Confessional, Jigsaw's Confessional, Johnny's Confessional, 5th/6th Place: Jory's Confessional, 5th/6th Place: Jsacton's Confessional, 9th Place: Katie's Confessional, 7th Place: Mrcup's Confessional, 8th Place: Superman's Confessional, 11th Place: Tangelo's Confessional, YB_SoL's Confessional

67 437 Final Safety Challenge: Pac Xon (Results)
by YoungBae *TaeYang*
Aug 31, 2009 0:47:59 GMT -4
No New Posts The Will

Game Not Completed

Sub-boards: Alessandra Atwood, Elvis Moore, Francine Downing, Francis Downing, Jewel Downing-Moore, Johnny Moore, Mark Stine, Michelle Horowitz, Mike Moore, Sunshine Stoker, The Mansion, The Ranch, The Garden, Sign-Ups

25 153 TLK left :(
by mvonneumann (Linden Ashbey)
Oct 14, 2008 1:33:25 GMT -4


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